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New store items.

I7 a posted Thu at 12:23
With the addition of Player heads and Mcmmo to the server, we've decided to add some new items to the store. 
You can now pick up a 75 level boost to any of your Mcmmo skills for £5 each, or whatever that equates to in your native currency, as well as player head packs including the Baller Squad heads and all the staff heads. They cost £5 and £3 respectively. Enjoy.

Okay so Factions 1.0 is out and we all know what it is purely based around, yes just factions. Where do we go from there though. Well below is a list of things I would like to do for Factions 1.1 update which includes a small few add-ons. 

Please note, any of these might not be added for reasons of balancing.

New content:
  • Token system: will include the voting etc
  • Crate system: will be like off dota 2 or TF2 etc.
  • Mcmmo: please note this might not happen, if it does I will be changing it drastically so it doesn't break the eco system
  • Minibosses: Might be added, this will be mobs randomly spawning with full diamond armour and abilities and will drop some good loot depending on how hard it is.

  • Redstone price in spawn
  • TNT to be added to the shop
  • Endstone to be re-added to the shop
  • Anti-cheat plugin lag to be reduced
  • Sell prices of food to be done
  • Able to overclaim factions with low power

Right now is the Factions IP, but for obvious things we have now got a spare server. So what should we do with it? Well link below is to discuss this.

Hi guys, the faction server will be done very shortly. The point we are up to is finishing off the spawn and doing the shop. The spawn building is done but needs a few more signs for players to understand what is fully on offer. Below I have made a list of things that are to do and if green means done, orange means being done and red means not started. 

To-do list

  • Spawn building

  • Ranks

  • Plugin configuration 

  • Spawn signs

  • Shop building 

  • Shop signs (Economy) - On hold waiting for shop to be finished.

Reason for it not being finished is I have been very busy. There is only 3 of us really working on it so progress has been slow. In the past month I have finished college (had deadlines), had university things to sort out like finance and living and started a job. It should be up very soon though I just don't want to allow you guys to be allowed on when the server is half done, I want it finished so less restarting etc. 

Staff needed

Please fill out the staff application form. We have recently updated the application to be more toned down and precise. Main reason for this is to prove if you are dedicated or not. We are not going to spoon feed you the things we want to hear.

Note: Don't waste our time if you have not much time to play, we want staff members that have a lot of free time. You will be required to play on both servers and if you are caught not playing both then will be demoted. 

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